campaign carroll

Campaign Carroll

People - what they learn, how they change, who they become - form the common thread of this very special place. Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread is your opportunity to carry forward that thread into a challenging and rewarding future.

Tomorrow's higher education will look nothing like today's, and any university worth its seal had better be looking forward. There will be more technology and fewer traditional classrooms. Disciplines and departments will connect in new ways. There will be more global experiences and more and better answers about how to keep higher education relevant, affordable, and valuable. Naturally, Carroll University is committed to looking forward. But no matter what new technologies, structures, and knowledge the future brings, Carroll's common thread will remain unbroken. Because a great higher education will always be about the shared experiences, goals, discoveries, and transformations of the people who give and receive that education.

That humanity - that collection of experiences, causes, and effects - is what sets Carroll University apart from other institutions. This place, this very special place, endures not because of its long, rich history or even our forward-looking present. Carroll endures and thrives because of the people whose hearts and minds animate this campus. The people of Carroll University - professors, students, staff, alumni, and trustees reaching forward from 1846 - are connected by a simple-yet-exceptionally-complex thread: each other.

Campaign Carroll: The Common Thread celebrates this connection - one that weaves through the tapestry of our history and the spirit of our future, from the pioneers who sought the horizon, to you, the generous visionaries of today. You are part of a caring, lasting, living legacy of people who believe in preparing for lives of meaning, purpose, and success. You will help carry the thread, and all that goes with it, forward...