Technology and A/V Services at Carroll University

Audio/Visual, Technology and Support Services

Cutting Edge Technology

As a modern and pioneering university, Carroll facilities offer leading edge technology that you can utilize to make your event a success.

Both the main campus and the Center for Graduate Studies offer wireless internet access, meaning your conferences and events can be connected and virtually international in scope. While the technology resources available for your use may vary slightly depending on the specific location of your event, you can expect the following:


The majority of our facilities are equipped with digital switching systems easily controlled by touch panel interface. And we support a wide variety of devices as well to be used with our audio-visual systems. Let us know what equipment you'll be bringing and we'll see that it works with our system.

Computers and Peripherals

Only the latest will do. Our computers are always up-to-date because we maintain a regular replacement cycle, ensuring that all machines are replaced well before becoming obsolete. They are also equipped with the most recent and stable software.


Our network infrastructure allows for enough bandwidth for all manner of videoconferencing throughout campus. Looking for more? We offer a state-of-the-art Polycom HD videoconferencing system in our Center for Graduate Studies.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by our industry-leading Information Technology Services department staff. Our personnel are trained and capable of handling a wide variety of your technology and A/V support needs.

Technology and A/V Services at Carroll University

"I am very pleased with the facilities and staff at the center, and I will definitely be using the rooms again for other workshop/classes that I will be offering later this year. 1st rate all around."


GET IN TOUCH - If you are intrested in any of Carroll's events feel free to drop by any time.

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