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Public Safety
Carroll University Department of Public Safety

Department of
Public Safely

208 Wright Street

Office: 262-524-7300
(Campus: x7300)

Shuttle: 262-524-7433
(Campus: x7433)



Carroll University Department of Public Safety

At Carroll, we take the safety of our students seriously. Our Department of Public Safety operates 24/7, keeping a watchful eye on campus buildings, residence halls, parking lots and other university properties. These highly trained professionals are committed to the principles of compassion, service and prevention.

Learn more about how we serve the Carroll community:

    Our Vision, Values, Imperatives and Goals

    To be a full partner of Carroll University, trained and dedicated to serving the campus community consistent with the university's mission, values and principles

    Alerts and Safety Information

    Sign up here for PioALERTS, read about our Standard Response Protocol, Student Support and Threat Assessment Team and more


    Title IX policy, weapons policy, student handbook and more

    Parking Information

    Residential and commuter parking information, parking violations and waivers, and more

    Shuttle Service

    The purpose of the Carroll University campus shuttle is to transport students around campus, as well as the immediate surrounding community

Pio Support

    Student Support Team

    The Student Support Team supports student retention and a healthy campus community at Carroll University

    Threat Assessment Team

    The Threat Assessment Team determines whether students pose a threat to self or others and then takes appropriate action to ensure safety of the student and the campus community

Additional Contact Numbers

    Public Safety

    Public Safety Shuttle Service

    Campus Center Information Desk

    Waukesha City Police
    262-524-3831 [non-emergency]

    Waukesha Sheriff's Department
    262-548-7117 [non-emergency]

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