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Interactive Campus Map

Click on a building on this map to view its details. Also see Carroll University on Google Maps.

campus map South Bergstrom Hall North Bergstrom Hall Student Affairs Sneeden House President's House Kilgour Hall MacAllister Hall Campus Center Shirley Hilger Hall Walter Young Center Wright House Center for Academic Advising Services Discovery House Charles Street Hall Hartwell Apartments Explorer House Human Resources Public Safety Enterprise House Betty Lou Tikalsky House A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall Student Health Services Steele Hall Swarthout Hall Business Hall College of Health Sciences Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Center Otteson Theatre and Henke Nursing Center Shattuck Music Center Todd Wehr Memorial Library Van Male Plaza Van Male Field House Van Male Natatorium Physical Therapy Building Ganfield Gymnasium Main Hall Main Lawn Medallion Plaza Voorhees Hall Rankin Hall Michael and Mary Jaharis Science Laboratories Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall Mathematics Bike Shop Community Garden College Avenue Apartments 239 College Avenue Kilgour Field Dennis Punches Track and Field Complex Schneider Stadium Quad Graphics Team Center Kilgour-Trailblazer Tennis Center Education Hall Carroll Street Apartments Frontier Hall Prairie Hall Pioneer Hall Crofts Morava Pavilion Haertel Field
1South Bergstrom Hall
2North Bergstrom Hall
3Sneeden House
4Student Affairs
5President's House
6MacAllister Hall
7Kilgour Hall
8Campus Center
9Shirley Hilger Hall
10Walter Young Center
11Wright House
12Center for Academic Advising Services
13Discovery House
14Student Health Services
15Charles Street Hall
16Hartwell Apartments
17Explorer House
18Human Resources
19Public Safety
20Enterprise House
21Betty Lou Tikalsky House
22A. Paul Jones Scholars Hall
23Steele Hall
24Swarthout Hall
25Business Hall
26College of Health Sciences
27Humphrey Memorial Chapel and Art Center
28Otteson Theatre and Henke Nursing Center
29Shattuck Music Center
30Van Male Plaza
31Physical Therapy Building
32Van Male Natatorium
33Van Male Field House
34Todd Wehr Memorial Library
35Main Hall
36Main Lawn
37Medallion Plaza
38Voorhees Hall
39Rankin Hall
40Michael and Mary Jaharis Science Laboratories
41Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall
42Ganfield Gymnasium
44Community Garden
45Bike Shop
46Crofts Morava Pavilion
47Schneider Stadium
48Quad/Graphics Team Center
49Kilgour-Trailblazer Tennis Center
50Education Hall
51Carroll Street Apartments
52Dennis Punches Track and Field Complex
53Kilgour Field
54239 College Avenue
55College Avenue Apartments
56Prairie Hall
57Frontier Hall
58Pioneer Hall
59Haertel Field

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