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Charge Textbooks and Supplies to your student account


Who is Eligible?
Currently enrolled students who have a PiONEer Card, and have no holds on their student account.

How does it work?
BookCHARGE is available for the summer 2014 semester from April 24, 2014, through July 29, 2014; for the fall 2014 semester from August 21, 2014, through September 18, 2014, and for the spring 2015 semester from January 6, 2015, through February 3, 2015. You will be asked to present your PiONEer Card at the bookstore cash register. Your PiONEer Card will be swiped to validate your eligibility. Finally, you will sign a charge receipt for the total amount of your bookstore purchase up to $750 per semester.

What can be charged?
You will be allowed to charge books and supplies to your student account. Be responsible about your purchases. Remember, your charges will be reflected on your student account and will be billed to you.

What about return items?
Returns will be handled similar to any other bookstore returns. Take the item you wish to return to the bookstore along with your receipt. Returned items will show as a credit on your student account. Return privileges are limited.

How is my student account charged?
Bookstore purchases, along with other tuition and fee charges, will be reflected on your next billing statement. Unpaid bookstore charges might result in registration and transcript holds.

Can my financial aid pay for my bookstore charges?
Yes. Financial aid disbursements can be applied automatically toward bookstore charges with written consent of the student.

Can BookCHARGE be used for textbook rental?
Yes. Students will be able to rent books with BookCHARGE. If you are interested in renting your textbooks, please visit for details. Any fees incurred by the student for not returning the textbook(s) will be charged to the student's credit card on file with Follett, not to the Carroll University student account.

Can BookCHARGE be used to purchase textbooks online?
No. BookCHARGE cannot be used for online purchase of textbook(s) at this time.

Your Carroll University Student Identification Card must be
presented to be eligible to participate in the BookCHARGE program.


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