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Carroll University Financial Responsibility Agreement Student Payment and Disclosure Statement

The payment of tuition, fees and charges becomes an obligation of the student upon registration at Carroll University. Federal Truth-In-Lending laws require complete disclosure of the terms and conditions controlling payment of the student's obligation. To comply with those federal statutes and regulations, the University requests that each student carefully review and complete the "Carroll University Financial Responsibility Agreement Student Payment and Disclosure Statement". Failure to complete this agreement may affect student registration for future sessions at Carroll, prevent enrollment in the myPAYPLAN program, and/or prevent the student from participating in the BookCHARGE option.

View Sample FRA (PDF)


To complete this Financial Responsibility Agreement, please go to:

This agreement remains in effect for the duration of the individual's enrollment at Carroll University. If a student returns to Carroll after an absence of six months or more, the completion of a new agreement will be required.

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