Suite-Style Halls

These air-conditioned, co-ed, suite-style residential halls offer two, three, four and five bedroom suites sharing a living room and a kitchenette. They also feature common areas and study lounges. Frontier, Pioneer and Prairie have two or three bathrooms per suite. These halls also offer limited underground parking.

Frontier Hall

Frontier Hall features suite-style accommodations for 231 students on the upper three floors. Three, four or five-person suites have private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and kitchen. The building also has limited underground parking and common-area kitchens on each floor. Retail space on the first floor features local businesses.

Per semester cost: $3,526

Shirley Hilger Hall

The Shirley Hilger Hall building contains a suite-style residence hall with one bathroom between two double-occupancy rooms. It also has conference rooms, offices, and a lower-level Technology Center with classrooms and computer labs. Shirley Hilger Hall was known as New Hall from its construction in 1990 until it was renamed in honor of Carroll's long-time director of admission Shirley Hilger in 2017.

Per semester cost: $3,145

Pioneer Hall

Pioneer Hall features suite-style accommodations for 264 students with large common kitchens, a fitness center and surface and underground parking. It also houses Carroll's Living Learning Communities.

Per semester cost: $3,526

Prairie Hall

Prairie Hall features suite-style accommodations for 128 students on two floors. Two, three, four or five-bedroom suites feature private bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, a living area and kitchen. Each floor has a common kitchen, lounge, study and laundry room. Limited underground parking is also available. Similar to Frontier Hall, the first floor features retail outlets.

Cost per semester: $3,526