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Hometown: South Beloit, Ill.
Class Year: Senior
Major: Communication, Public Relations emphasis
Minor: Business Marketing
Involvements: President of Alpha Xi Delta sorority
Interests: fashion, NASCAR, sports




December 18, 2012

The stress of finals is almost over and the relaxation of winter break is about to begin. I have one more final exam on Wednesday then I am heading home to work on starting my future as a Carroll University graduate.

I finished my capstone project for my communication major and I feel like I already am a college graduate even though I do not receive my degree until later this month. It is exciting to feel so accomplished at such a young age.

I also finished my reign as Alpha Xi Delta’s president and I am sad to leave this part of my college life behind. The cool thing about being a part of this sorority is that it’s not just for four years, it’s for life. I am considering being an adviser or becoming a leadership coach for Alpha Xi chapters all over the country just so I can help share my communication and leadership skills I gained from being the president of my chapter.

Now I am busy applying for other internships and jobs in the public relations field. I have been working with a few of my professors who are helping me through the process of graduation. The Career Center at Carroll has been very helpful as well. I am most excited to apply for the job openings in NASCAR.

I am beyond excited and fully ready to start working in the real world. I cannot wait to see how my future plays out.

December 3, 2012

I can’t believe we are already in our last full week of classes! This semester has just flown by. In a few short weeks I will be a college graduate and I can’t even explain how exciting and how weird that seems! I have just a few projects, papers and tests left to do.

In sorority we just initiated 15 new girls and we have a few exciting activities coming up. We have our Senior Ceremony for graduating seniors, a White Elephant gift exchange, and of course, Fido for Finals. For the past few years, Alpha Xi Delta sponsors visiting therapy dogs, and all of campus is welcome to play with puppies for a few hours! It is such a great event because the dogs help relieve some of the stress that finals bring to students.

In the midst of all of our sorority events, school, work and my internship, I am also searching and applying for jobs and internships in the sports field of public relations. I am really excited to graduate and I feel my experience here at Carroll has more than prepared me for the world of public relations.

November 16, 2012

It is almost Thanksgiving break and that means lots of projects, tests and papers due before the relaxing break filled with family, friends and lots of delicious food.

Currently I am finishing up the research portion of my communication capstone project that I am doing on NASCAR. We have a draft of our paper due next Tuesday so I am devoting a lot of my time to that. I chose the topic of NASCAR for my project because I want to work in some type of sports public relations once I graduate in December.

Besides school, we are in the midst of pre-initiation week for sorority. On Sunday, 15 of our new girls will be initiated into our sorority, Alpha Xi Delta. This week is filled with lots of bonding with our sisters and is a beautiful process that leads up to the one of the most exciting ceremonies a girl could experience. We all joke that Initiation is as important, if not more important, than your wedding ceremony!

November 2, 2012

With the month of November comes colder weather and of course it’s the last full month of classes this semester. This means lots of tests, projects and papers for all of us students to finish before finals in December.

I am working at full speed on my senior capstone project as well as handling the busyness that comes from being Alpha Xi Delta’s president and the public relations intern at Carroll. My capstone involves a semester-long communications research project, paper and presentation. I also have to create an online portfolio of our past four years of work and do mock interviews.

Greek life in general has been busy as well. All of the fraternities and sororities have held philanthropy events such as benefit dinners and work out nights. The Alpha Xi Delta puzzle palooza competition is happening this Saturday, Nov. 3, to support Autism Speaks.

My internship has been keeping me busy with writing press releases and feature stories for the Carroll website and the Pioneer Magazine. It is so much fun to interview students and faculty on campus for these pieces. I get to meet a lot of people who are accomplishing great things and get to write a story about them, which to me is very fun and rewarding.

October 23, 2012

We just finished midterms, which means there are only a few months left of the fall semester! I have been so busy with projects, tests and homework up to this point.

Besides the busyness of school, my sorority has been keeping me very busy. Tonight we have our serenading event, where all of Greek Life gets together and sings love songs back and forth to each other on Main Lawn. This has been a tradition of Carroll Greeks for decades upon decades and it is very cool to participate in the tradition.

We also have our philanthropy event for sorority coming up this November. We raise money for Autism Speaks and this year we are doing a puzzle challenge with the campus and community. We will have teams compete on differing levels of puzzle difficulty and will determine a winner from there.

October 2, 2012

So far my senior year at Carroll has been filled with so much excitement. My sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, just added 19 new members, which makes us the largest sorority on campus!

To add to the excitement, this past week was Homecoming. We participated in so many fun events throughout the week, like powder puff football, parade marching, tailgating and even volunteering. The highlight of it all for me was making Homecoming Court. This has been such an amazing start to my senior year!

Besides all the fun events on campus, we are almost at the midterm point of the semester. This means lots of tests and projects for everyone. The nice part is after all the stress we go on fall break.

September 20, 2012

We are a few weeks into the fall semester and campus seems to be as busy as ever. My sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, is in the midst of formal recruitment, so every night all the sororities on campus are hosting fun events in our suites. Tonight we have a circus-themed night and I can’t wait to wear our new circus letters.

To add to the busyness of campus, Homecoming week starts on Sunday, with the big day on Saturday, Sept. 29. The week is filled with activities for students, faculty and alumni. There is a competition between the organizations on campus, including my sorority. We are busy with events from trivia games to volunteering and even powderpuff football throughout the week. Also, since I am a senior, Alpha Xi Delta nominated me for Homecoming Queen. I am so excited for this week and I cannot wait to see how the voting turns out!

April 27, 2012

We are just finishing up the last full week of school. I can’t believe we start finals next week! This semester has gone by so fast. Right now I am busy finishing up semester-long projects, giving speeches, and of course taking tests.

Summer comes with excitement to go back home to Illinois to be with family and friends, but it is also kind of sad to leave behind my friends and sorority sisters. I am finishing up my internship in Carroll’s Public Relations Office and that is also sad. I have learned so much about public relations, and I am kind of sad that I don’t get to write press releases all summer. This semester, as crazy as it was, was definitely fun.

I am excited to go back home and work at Pier 1 and possibly do some public relations work somewhere. I have an interview today with an agency that should help set up some kind of PR job, which is super exciting!

April 17, 2012

There are only two full weeks of classes left and crunch time is definitely here! I am working on group projects, essays and preparing for finals week. One nice thing about the end of the semester is the warmer weather, although that does make it hard to concentrate on schoolwork.

Spring Fling is on Friday. The theme this year is “Ahoy!” like pirates, so I can’t wait to see what fun things the school has planned. I will be volunteering at one of the booths. It is so fun to help out with all the events.

For Alcohol Awareness Week, today I am volunteering for the drunk goggle obstacle course which will be held on quad, behind Main Hall. It will definitely be interesting to see if people can make it through the course with the goggles on.

Also this is my birthday weekend! I am so excited for friends and family to come up and celebrate my 21st birthday!

April 3, 2012

We have just over a month left of school and all the fun of spring is packed into this month. We have lots of classwork to finish before the end of the semester and lots of fun events to attend such as Spring Fling, Alpha Xi Delta’s spaghetti dinner, Alcohol Awareness Week and lots more.

Alcohol Awareness Week is all about promoting being sober and the harms alcohol can cause. There are guest speakers, fun games and Spring Fling day, which is devoted to having sober fun with a pirate theme.

Alpha Xi Delta just kicked off Autism Awareness Month and we painted the campus blue. Autism Speaks, our philanthropy, had an event on April 1 called Light It Up Blue. Inspired by this, we tied ribbons made out of blue plastic table cloths around trees all over campus. We also plan to light up some trees with blue Christmas lights and draw on all the campus sidewalks to help create awareness for this amazing cause.

March 29, 2012

We have only a little over a month left of school and everyone is starting to feel the pressure of final projects, essays and tests. I currently am working on three group projects and two major essays on business promotions and the First Amendment.

Aside from school, April marks such a fun time for Carroll students. Spring Fling, a day devoted to fun, is coming up. Last year’s theme was “Carnival” and we had the Campus Center parking lot filled with bounce houses, blow-up obstacle courses and tons of cool zoo animals. The day is packed with fun activities and I can’t wait to see what this years “pirate” theme has in store.

April also is a fantastic month for Alpha Xi Delta. On Sunday we kick of national Autism Awareness month. Since Autism Speaks is our philanthropy, we have a month filled with fun fundraising events like our spaghetti dinner and Milwaukee Walk Now for Autism. Also, we won Greek Week! This is our second year in a row beating out the two other sororities and three fraternities.

March 15, 2012

Pre-Initiation week is one of the most exciting times to be in a sorority, and we are in the midst of it now. Every night we do fun activities like game nights, cookie decorating, letter-making for T-shirts and lots of other things. This week is all about the great sisterhood Alpha Xi Delta offers.

It is also Greek Week. This is an annual competition between the three sororities and three fraternities at Carroll. We have a volunteer day, volleyball game, a Fear Factor-type contest, and other fun little competitions. This week is also exciting because we get to hang out with all of the Greeks on campus as well as prove which is the best Greek Chapter. Last year Alpha Xi Delta won Greek Week and we are hoping to do it again!

Since Spring Break is over we have been going through midterms. I had a few quizzes and essays before break and this week I took one midterm and have an essay due next week. It definitely takes some serious motivation to get through the busy class schedules I have, especially since the weather has been beautiful. Yesterday my friends and I went outside and did some homework on Main Lawn while working on our tans. Soaking up the sun is definitely the best way to do homework!

February 27, 2012

This Saturday we had our new member retreat for Alpha Xi Delta. All of us girls went ice skating and had a blast! I definitely need to work on my skating skills after this weekend.

This is the last week before Spring Break and I am super excited. I am going to the Wisconsin Dells with a few sorority sisters for a couple of days then heading home to Illinois to be with my family. I also plan on going to Chicago with my Mom, aunt, sister and boyfriend. We plan on going shopping and just enjoying the relaxing break from school.

February 24, 2012

It is the week before Spring Break and that means midterms! I have taken a few tests already and handed in an essay. The essay was pretty interesting to write since it was a critique of singer Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” I am definitely ready for a week of relaxation. I am going to Wisconsin Dells for two days with some sorority sisters, which will be so much fun since I have never been to the Dells.

We have Big Sister Reveal today for Alpha Xi Delta and that is such a fun event. The new girls get to pick an older girl in the sorority to be their “mom” who helps them transition through their new member stage. I have two little sisters in sorority and they are definitely like family to me. Being in a sorority definitely means the world to me since I have 41 sisters who always have my back and are always around for hanging out.

February 17, 2012

We are almost halfway through the semester and everyone is getting busy with tests, quizzes, essays and projects. I am working on all of these things plus attending all the meetings and events going on around campus.

Besides my busy schedule of school, sorority and work, I am applying for a summer internship. I went to visit the Career Center here at Carroll to look for internships and jobs, and I found the perfect summer job. Kerry Foods is a corporation located in Beloit, Wis., which is about five minutes from my hometown. They are looking for a Public Relations intern so I applied and now I am just waiting to hear back from the company.

I also took a tutoring job for communication classes. I will be tutoring a few students on intercultural communications, which is probably my favorite class at Carroll.

February 8, 2012

My sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, had its first Pack the Place for Autism Blue Out Basketball game at Carroll on Friday. It was such a huge success! We raised more than $500 for our philanthropy Autism Speaks. The men’s basketball team was a pleasure to work with and they were so excited to help us Alpha Xi girls and Autism Speaks. They can’t wait to help host the event again and neither can I!

Right now I am back into the groove of school and busy with homework, class projects, sorority events and meetings. The month of February is quite a busy month filled with campus-wide events like Siblings Weekend. Both my sister and I attend Carroll so we do not attend the events anymore, but I remember my first Siblings Weekend here and it was a blast. Carroll has tons of activities planned to fill the entire weekend, including Alpha Xi Delta’s dessert social for our families.

January 26, 2012

I am almost finished with my first full week of classes and I am so busy with interning, homework and the sorority. Alpha Xi Delta is starting informal recruitment today, which is such an exciting experience. The enthusiasm from my sisters definitely helps keep me going throughout the week.

Besides the fun of sorority, I am busy interning away and enjoying every minute of it. Every day brings something new to write about, which is a great motivator for starting at 8 a.m.

I also love to hit the gym with my sorority sisters. Carroll offers fun fitness classes every day of the week such as yoga, pilates and my favorite, Zumba! It is a fun Latin-inspired dance class that helps relieve some of the stress of my busy schedule.

January 20, 2012

As we ease into the start of the semester I find myself as busy as ever. My roommates, sorority sisters and friends are adjusting to the snowy Waukesha winter and preparing for our classes and jobs.

I recently started my internship in Carroll’s Public Relations office and I absolutely love it. My boss has taught me so much about PR and AP style writing. I feel by the end of my years at Carroll, with all the experience I have obtained, that I can do public relations with confidence.

I have had only one class so far, taught by Dr. King. She is a fun and knowledgeable professor in the communication department, so I am really enjoying that class.

Besides classes and work, I “run the show” as president of the Beta Psi chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. I love being part of a group that helps me realize my potential to excel at academics, leadership and sisterhood. My older sister Anne goes to Carroll as well and is the reason why I came to school here and joined Alpha Xi Delta.

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