Carroll University Month of Service

To celebrate our University Ethos and commitment to service, we encourage all Pioneers to give back in their own communities throughout November. As Pioneers, we continue to help address the needs of our communities through stewardship by engaging in service for the first time or by repeating something you might already be doing at your place of worship, local schools, a non-profit organization, community center, and more. We are proud of our Pioneers who live the mission of "service in a diverse and global society."

Carroll University Month of Service  |  November 1-30, 2023

Share how you serve!

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Please join other Carroll University alumni, families and friends by providing time, talent or treasure to a cause that is close to your heart or to those living in need in your community. There are countless ways to share what you have with those in need. However you choose to serve during the Month of Service, please report back and share your contributions so we are able to capture and share all of the ways our Pioneers make a difference in their communities.

SERVICE TOOLKIT: Find a volunteer opportunity near you!

Celebrate Service

To celebrate our Carroll University Month of Service, our November 2020 CU in the Workplace (@ Home Series) interview featured Diane De La Santos ’81, Executive Director of City on a Hill, a faith-based, non-profit in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Give Back and Get involved

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