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Carroll course CCEs bring depth to the cross-cultural experience by preparing you with foundation and context. This added value makes it a popular choice for most students to fulfill their CCE requirement. You’ll benefit from the extensive preparation you gain in the classroom before you embark with your classmates on your off-campus cultural immersion. Most Carroll course CCEs involve a semester-long course capped by a 10-day to month long cross-cultural experience where you have the opportunity to live what you’ve learned. You’ll benefit even more from the experienced faculty who will support you every step of the way.

“Experiencing India changed the way I look at my life...I am very aware now of how people interact and behave.”

Hannah Ebben '17
India: Philosophies and Religions

“Cracking open your true self is a scary but gratifying journey, one that many never have the opportunity to do.”

Paul Lyons '17
Michigan: Footprints of Our Ancestors


No Boundaries

The Carroll course CCE will broaden your worldview and increase your cultural literacy, no matter your field of study. There are Carroll courses that travel locally and internationally. Any student can participate in any Carroll course, regardless of major. Here's a sampling of some of the many Carroll course CCEs that our Pioneers participated in past academic years.

Featured Carroll Course CCEs

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