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Part-Time Studies Students

New Part-Time Studies students must

Full-time students

Because of the significant workload of the OCICU courses, we believe that they are not a good choice for full-time students during the regular fall and spring semesters when students have full schedules. If you are a senior and believe you need a course offered through the consortium (that is not otherwise offered by Carroll) to graduate, please follow the following steps to obtain approval:

    • Full-time students need to fill out an Online Registration Form for Full-Time Students and obtain a signature from their adviser on this form before being considered for these courses. This form is available from the Registrar's Office.
    • Full-time students also need to complete the attached petition form. Explain your situation fully so that the review committee can make a proper judgment regarding this enrollment. For the spring and fall semesters, we are not approving accelerated online classes for full-time Carroll students who have other alternatives.
    • Current students can review all Web-based courses on the Web timetable, but cannot sign up online for the courses marked as OCICU.
    • Sign up for all other Web-based courses using Web Registration.

These courses will be available to all full-time students over the summer.

Please note:
OCICU courses are accelerated courses that may require work experience and access to work documents to participate fully in the discussions, assignments, and potential group work. It is recommended to talk to your adviser to determine if these courses are a good fit. Please read the eligibility requirements.

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