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Eligibility for Web-based Courses

Online learning is both convenient and challenging. There are certain skills and commitments required to successfully complete an online course.

Skills required for success in an online course include an ability to work comfortably with a computer on a network. Proficient use of word processing, e-mail, and the World Wide Web are critical. Writing skills are also important because class "discussions" are conducted in an online discussion format.

Commitments required include a willingness to work at least as hard as you would for a classroom course. You will also need to dedicate as much time weekly to your online studies as you would to attending a classroom course because you will be required to participate in online discussions. Just as in a classroom course, there will be assignments and due dates but no scheduled class time to help remind you when assignments are due.

Because of these unique demands, Web-based courses are open to students in good academic standing. Students on academic probation will not be allowed to take OCICU courses.

Please note that all Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU) courses are offered in an eight-week accelerated format and are tailored to meet the needs of adult learners. What does this mean to you as a student?

It means that you need to be motivated to spend the time necessary to succeed in accelerated online courses because:

  • Faculty facilitate the learning, as well as instruct, as one might find in a traditional 16-week semester classroom.
  • Students and faculty are completing a semester’s worth of work in a shorter period. One way to look at this is that the student is expected to work on the course (including online work, forums, textbook, research, assignments, etc.) at least 120 hours per course. Normally students spend about 20 hours a week on everything or 160 total hours.
  • There is an expectation that students will be self-directed in many ways and will spend the time necessary.

All students who are thinking of taking OCICU courses should talk to their adviser to determine if these courses are a good option for your individual circumstances.

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To find out if OCICU courses are right for you, please review the information at the following links:

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