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Health Sciences Bound Initiative

You have a goal. We'll help you achieve it.

Whether you're thinking about a career in healthcare and exploring your options, or you're already enrolled in an undergraduate program and are looking for the preparation you need to get into the graduate program of your choice, Carroll University provides the support you're looking for.

We're partners in your academic success.

Professional and graduate programs in the health sciences at Carroll University offer you an advantage - the Health Sciences Bound Initiative. Built into all our health sciences programs, the Health Sciences Bound Initiative provides access to an invaluable resource - a team of experienced health sciences academic advisors. Our advisors take into account your personal, academic and career goals to help you develop a clear plan of action - they're partners in your success. You'll benefit from their expert advice, as well as opportunities to take part in activities and experiences that support and advance your learning in the classroom.

The Initiative also gives you access to early admission to select graduate programs through Target Health Sciences - available only to Carroll students.

We're with you every step of the way >>

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