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Welcome to Grants and Research at Carroll University
The Grants and Research team at Carroll University exists to facilitate and offer oversight for each step of the grant-seeking process for faculty and other researchers. Our mission is to serve those who seek external funding for projects that will benefit an individual faculty or staff member, a department or area on campus, the entire Carroll campus, or a campus-community partnership. We offer a wide range of services. On the pre-award side, we can help individuals or groups develop funding ideas, identify funding sources, and craft proposals. We can also assist those who have secured funding with negotiation, grant management, financial oversight, or problem solving on specific projects.

Working collaboratively with principal investigators (PIs), project directors (PDs) and/or project coordinators, we assist with successful submission of proposals and compliance throughout the life of the project. While the project is ultimately the responsibility of the PI/PD, we utilize our resources and relationships to assist PI's/PD’s with the management of their projects.

For information about current and recent government grant activity, click here.

Grants and Research Personnel
Who are we and how can we help?

Laura Koch is the Director of Grant Programs. She can help identify government funding sources, craft strong proposals and negotiate terms of grants.

Melissa Baxter is the Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations. She can help identify private funding sources, craft strong proposals and assist with managing privately funded projects.

Ellen Barclay is the Associate Dean for Post-Award Services. Once you receive government funding, she can help you manage your project and assist you with compliance and reporting.

Jill Gauger is Senior Accountant and Grant Specialist in the Business Office. She can help with financial management and reporting.

Jennifer Jost is the Administrative Assistant for Grants and IRB. She is the point person for all IRB requests and is available to answer questions and connect you with the right person to assist you.

Contact Us

Laura Koch
Director, Grant Programs
209 Wright St. 201
Grants and Research

Melissa Baxter
Director, Foundation and Corporate Relations
Voorhees 323
Foundation Relations

Ellen Barclay
Associate Dean, Post-Award Services
209 Wright St. 202
Grants and Research

Jill Gauger
Senior Accountant/Grant Specialist
Voorhees 17
Business Office

Jennifer Jost
Administrative Assistant, Grants/IRB
209 Wright St. 101
Grants and Research


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