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General Education Information

The General Education curriculum is the core of the Carroll undergraduate experience. Its hallmark is its integrating theme – culture. The Gen Ed program aims to prepare students for professional and personal success throughout their lives as they build futures in a globalized and rapidly changing world.

General Overview
The Cross-Cultural Component is the signature element of the General Education Curriculum. This component is a five-course series that focuses on culture: Cultural Seminar, Writing Seminar, Cross-Cultural Designation, Cross-Cultural Experience, and Global Perspectives Colloquium. Interwoven throughout these courses is an intentional cross-cultural thread from freshman through senior year, significant preparation prior to the cross-cultural experience, and a final colloquium that provides students with the opportunity for critical reflection on the cross-cultural component and disciplinary breadth from their distribution courses. The Cross-Cultural Component provides continuity and coherence and allows students to build on their knowledge and skills. Courses in the Cross-Cultural Component will explore the question “What is culture?” and analyze the student’s own culture and its relationships to other cultures.

The second major element of the Gen Ed curriculum is the Distribution Component. The goals of the distribution requirements are to challenge students to think critically about the social and natural world, including their own beliefs, worldviews and preconceptions. The distribution requirement will accomplish these goals in a variety of ways, depending upon the methodologies of the various disciplines that a student encounters. Distribution courses need not include cross-cultural themes.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of a Carroll University undergraduate education, graduates will be able to:

  • Understand world cultures and reflectively interact with cultures other than their own.
  • Critically evaluate global issues from multiple perspectives.
  • Understand and analyze multiple philosophical, ethical and religious positions held by persons within their own and other cultures.
  • Understand the methodologies germane to the fine arts, humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, as well as their larger social context.
  • Analyze and integrate material in a field outside the major area of study.
  • Develop and defend a position that demonstrates logical reasoning both orally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate information fluency by gathering, analyzing and synthesizing information using emerging technologies and traditional media.

For more information about Carroll's General Education program, please contact Dr. Fred Beuttler, Director of General Education

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