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Featured Faculty: Dr. K.P. O’Reilly

Dr. K.P. O’reilly, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Global Studies

Dr. K.P. O'ReillyDr. K.P. O'Reilly, assistant professor of political science and global studies at Carroll University, was chosen alongside senior Kali Marcino, a political science major, to present their scholarly research at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual convention in Toronto, Canada. The paper, "Delayed Justice: Examining The Role of NGOs in Guatemala's Recent Genocide Prosecutions," is on the prosecution of criminals for genocide and is the result of Marcino's Pioneer Scholars research in summer 2013 with O'Reilly.

That was my first Pio Scholar experience. This is my third year here at Carroll, so that was my second year on campus. It was a brand new experience, O'Reilly said. "Kali came to me and presented the immediate connection to what I do. I teach an international securities class and we talked about issues of civil wars and genocides giving rise to security concerns, in particular human security and how violations of human rights including genocide are seen as problems that need to be studied in the field."

O'Reilly has traveled to the ISA conference for eight years and suggested that Marcino apply and present their research. They were accepted for the Pioneer Scholar program and began preliminary research on the Guatemalan genocide. During the summer of 2013, the duo traveled to Guatemala to find out why it had taken 30 years to prosecute individuals for genocides across the country in the 1980s.

At ISA, they were placed on the "Accountability for Atrocity" panel for political science research with two other presentations. All of the research presented on this panel was based on justice issues and how they are heard.

The current paper that we have we are thinking about splitting it in to two separate papers and looking at possibly publishing both of them, Marcino said, based off the feedback she and O'Reilly received.

O'Reilly specializes in international relations, international security, U.S. foreign and national security policy, nuclear proliferation, foreign policy and decision-making. He received his bachelor's degree at Lawrence University, a law degree from Emory University, a master's degree from Marquette University and his doctorate degree from the University of South Carolina. He joined Carroll's faculty in 2011.

Outside of academia, O'Reilly enjoys adventures while traveling. He journeyed down the Nile River and went on safari in South Africa. His latest exploring involves trying new restaurants in the Milwaukee area.


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