Political Science

The ever-changing world of politics has a major impact on all facets of our lives. Decisions are made daily that affect the environment we live in, the taxes that we pay and the education that we receive. As we learn to navigate a society where people are passionate about issues that affect them most, understanding the political landscape has never been more important. Our political science program allows you to explore the many dimensions of politics and its direct connection to global issues and ideas.

“My professors have been mentors throughout my college experience.”
— Mckenzie Lowe '17

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About the Political Science program

The opportunities for a successful career in politics extend far beyond holding a government position. If you’re interested in working for organizations that advocate for causes, becoming a journalist or working for an international business, political science may be the right career path for you. This area of study prepares you to be an informed and active citizen as you learn about national and international government and the roles they play in processes and policies. You’ll expand your knowledge through classroom work, research, simulations and real-world experiences.

Carroll University’s Political Science major allows you to choose courses that directly relate to your preferred field of study. The program offers classes in public policy and constitutional law, the American presidency, US foreign policy and politics of developing nations. Students will apply what they learn as they discuss relevant political topics with their peers. You’ll sharpen your analytical and critical thinking skills, and practice sharing opinions clearly and effectively through oral and written communication—all with an awareness of cultures and perspectives that may be different than your own.


In addition to the major, Carroll offers a minor in political science that complements many areas of study:


We help you build real world experience, explore careers and network with professionals through internship opportunities. Recent placements include the following companies:

  • Offices of state and federal legislators
  • Mayors' offices
  • Wisconsin Governor’s Office
  • City, county and federal agencies
  • Law firms
  • Local police departments
  • International Institute of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Republican Party
  • Wisconsin World Trade Center
  • United Community Center
  • Sierra Club of Wisconsin
  • Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin
  • Chicago World Affairs Council
  • AmeriCorps
  • TEAM (in Nepal)


College is a big investment in a bright future. Learn more about the industries and careers our majors pursue, and the workplaces and experiences of the alumni from our program. See where yours may take you.

Latest Program News


Political science professor receives Fulbright scholarship

Dr. Lilly Goren will teach at the University of Bonn in Bonn, Germany in the summer of 2018.


Carroll students participate in WAICU Students' Day

Students, staff and faculty spent the day in Madison, Wis. advocating for the Wisconsin Grant.

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“I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad in Rome for a year.”
— Felicia Homan '17

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Meet the Faculty

Dr. Lilly Goren

Dr. Lilly Goren

Professor of Political Science