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Kelly Scott, Senior history major - Hartford, Wis.


Kelly Scott

Most students complain every now and then about going to class, but not Kelly Scott. "Education is one of the most important things in my life," she said, and this is apparent in her major accomplishments during her four years at Carroll.

A self-proclaimed “history nut,” Kelly was excited to spend summer 2011 studying and researching with mentor Dr. Scott Hendrix, assistant professor of history, as part of the Pioneer Scholars program. They were one of only 10 teams selected to conduct their one-on-one research project. Kelly said, "Having the experience to research history outside the classroom was so rewarding and such a great opportunity."

Kelly's paper, "Carving Out a Space for Freedom: Virginity and Widowhood in the Middle Ages,” was an analysis of written works from Saint Paul, Saint Ambrose, Saint Jerome and Saint Augustine, and a sophisticated application of gender analysis models. Medieval patriarchy persisted for centuries, and Kelly's analysis of these scholars brings to light the development of female identity and the sense of freedom and equality that comes from virginity and widowhood.

She presented her paper at the second annual Midwest World History Association Conference in Milwaukee on Sept. 18, 2011. "I never thought I would have advanced this far without encouragement from Dr. Hendrix to present my paper," she said.

Kelly is grateful to her mentor for being so easy to work with. “He is very genuine and always there to help.” She enjoys being challenged by professors and having deep, meaningful conversations with them. Kelly recommends that other students should “ask questions and get help from professors because they could open you up to many opportunities.”

Even as a child, Kelly always had great relationships with her teachers. She loves to learn, and because education is so important to her, she wants to teach and share that love with others. Currently she is student teaching at Hamilton High School. After graduating in December 2011, Kelly plans to teach high school history.

Written by Rose Rementer ’13


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