Message from the President

Dr. Cindy Gnadinger, Carroll's 15th president

Welcome to Carroll University, home of the Pioneers and Wisconsin’s first, four-year institution of higher learning. Since 1846, students have selected Carroll as their preferred choice in preparation for lives of purpose, meaning and achievement.

Pioneering is part of our heritage but it’s much more than a legacy. That foundational spirit is alive and well here. It grounds us and guides us toward transformation and growth that places top priority on the needs of our students. Beautifully preserved, historic buildings stand shoulder-to-shoulder with multimillion-dollar, state-of-the-art facilities. Our deep commitment to the educational breadth offered by a liberal arts tradition blends seamlessly with our role as a leader in the health sciences.

We have always believed that preparing our students for what they will do goes hand-in-hand with discovering who they are meant to become. With that in mind, we encourage them to embrace opportunity, be open to new experiences, step outside their boundaries and explore. We focus on delivering the programs and support that allow them to do so successfully.

Carroll is also distinguished by its culture, which values respect, integrity, stewardship, inclusiveness and service to others. Consistently, our students tell us they feel at home here. We are a community that looks outward and asks how we can make a difference by leaving things better than we found them. This is underscored through the cross-cultural emphasis woven throughout our curriculum and service opportunities that begin day one for first-year students. It’s a welcoming environment that fosters learning both in and out of the classroom while nurturing personal growth.

Pioneers come from all walks of life and that diversity adds richness and depth to the Carroll experience. They are alike in their commitment to excellence and innovation, their resourceful and creative natures, and their honest desire to support one another for the greater good.

Pioneers are passionate about making their mark on the world. That journey is unique to each and every one of our students...and it begins at Carroll.

First, foremost, forward,
Cindy Gnadinger

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